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Consejos para acertar con la máscara de pestañas

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They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and, certainly, now more than ever because with the sanitary restrictions that we have been living for a year, the look has become our business card since little else can be seen of the face after the mask. Do you want to emphasize your look so that it stands out on your face? You will need a good eyeshadow, a pencil, an eyeliner and, of course, the mascara.

The mascara, also known as mascara, frames the look by lengthening the lashes. However, it should be noted that it is a quality mascara since, otherwise, the consequences are unsightly caked lashes that give a very unflattering impression. In addition, allergies or infections can develop. After all, our eyes must also be cared for with quality beauty products. Discover these 10 tips to get it right.


The 5 essential tips for your mascara to wipe out


Choose according to your type of lashes : No, not all mascara feels the same. It depends on how you have the lashes. If they are thin and short, you should choose a lengthening and colored one. The short and thick ones should be lengthened. The long and thin ones should have color and give them volume, the long and waits do not need, although transparent or curling masks can work. As for the scarce ones, select a mask that gives volume and lengthens.


2. Dermatologically tested brand : Good mascara brands have certain tests under their belt that make them optimal. These usually include that they are hypoallergenic, among many other benefits that will prevent your mascara from becoming hell.


3. Choose masks that add volume : It is an unwritten law that lashes never have too much volume. In fact, is there anything more captivating than a woman or man with thick eyelashes? It makes the look much deeper, of course.


4.The lengthening mascara, only for short lashes : In the same way that the volume never exceeds, the lengthening mascara, yes. In the event that you already have long eyelashes, it can create a very strange effect -especially if the mascara is not of high quality-. Hence, we recommend that you bet on good brands.


5.Curling iron mask ... YES! Curling iron masks are always spectacular. These achieve that curved shape that is so attractive. In the event that you have long but straight eyelashes, it will make a difference.


Bonus Track: Quick Tricks to Make Your Mascara Look Great

Avoid pumping the mascara : Mascara has its rules and one of them is not to insert and remove the brush several times in the tube since the only thing you will achieve is that lumps form and, exactly, that you run the risk of that your eyelashes become caked.


Do you want a more intense look? In that case, you just need to add more layers of mascara. Remember to let the previous coat dry before reapplying the brush.


And longer lashes without using a specific mascara? You will only have to use the brush in such a way that you go from the root to the tip, sliding the brush upwards. This way you will achieve a perfect effect with the mascara.


More glamorous : If we want the appearance of the eyelashes to be more professional, we must apply the mascara from the root. One stunt trick is to raise your head slightly.


The tabs below, yes or no? Finally, you can apply a little mascara on the bottoms but make sure it is not too overloaded.



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